Portfolio: Applied compositions

Applied compositions

This is a track I made for a short game where you’re pitted against a giant rock golem. The whole game consists of one elaborate boss fight. On the one hand, the track had to feel heavy and dangerous much like a rock golem. On the other, it had to feel fast-paced and nimble, much like the situation the player is in. Whenever the player’s health is low, a heart will beat along in sync with the music.

Pod Panic is a serious game we developed with a small team of six people. The level theme is an interactive composition. The intensity of the song builds up over time until you hear the full version that can be heard in the playlist below. Furthermore, there are three variations the player can hear based on their performance.

If the player performs okay, they’ll just hear the basic song.
If the game isn’t going well, the player will hear a cautionary extra layer.
If the player does well, they’ll hear an encouraging extra layer.

In the playlist below I demonstrate these three different versions as the song-loop goes around three times. The order of versions are as mentioned in the example above.

Sonic Panic, coincidentally another game with ‘Panic’ in the title. This is a fan game of the Sonic franchise. For the soundtrack I contributed 5 songs. The songs with ‘(retro)’ in the title are composed exclusively with sounds from the sega megadrive to resemble music from the original ‘Sonic the hedgehog’ game. The songs with ‘(modern)’ in the title are a new take on the soundtrack.

For a school assignment I made a three minute composition for the Dali painting: ‘dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate a second before awakening’. It is a hyper-subjective painting, meaning there are little to no implications. I wanted to represent the main aspects of the painting in my composition in a way that is akin to how a dream feels en flows.